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Personal Training

We motivate, educate & you train. We will keep the training simple & interesting. Get fit, lose weight & gain muscle - in the comfort of your own home or gym or from our facility in Strubensvallei, Roodepoort.


- One-on-one, Partner and Group Training

- Physical and Fitness Assessments


1. Plan Strong

2. Build Strong

3. Strong Endurance



You want to be stronger without injuries. Building strength safely is what we specialize in and no one in the world does this better than a StrongFirst Certified Instructor.

A session with a StrongFirst Certified Instructor is not a passive experience. You will be mentored in all the techniques and skills, ensuring you understand the nuances of technique, safety and strong execution.

Mental engagement is part of the process, no mindless routines here. Learning these new skills will make you stronger than you ever believed you could be.


Gym Setups & Equipment

Health and fitness have become even more vital these days and having your own personal gym at home is convenient and safe.

We can help with setting up an area for you. We work around your budget and create a space that suits your needs.

We help with acquiring equipment that will work the best for your specific needs.

Need help, we’ve got your back!



Fencing is the dance of blades and combines physical and mental skills. Amongst other things it improves athletic qualities, dexterity, reaction, speed, creativity, and adaptability.
Learn how to fence with Fencing Master Andries.
Learn the basics of footwork and blade actions all the way through to advanced Olympic quality techniques and tactics.


Lessons can be arranged from 20min up to 120min, depending on fitness and concentration ability.

Fencing is suitable for young and old.

Once you are ready you can join other fencers and test your skills in local competitions; fighting for fun, results and ranking.

About Us

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Get fit, loose weight & gain muscle
- in the comfort of your own home or gym!
- or at our specialized facility

Our Training hours:
5am to 8pm
Monday to Saturday

We Travel and Train within Johannesburg and Centurion areas.

Our location:
40 Fiddle Road, Strubensvallei, Roodepoort, Gauteng, 1735



Andries Mc Donald

-Qualified Personal Trainer
-StrongFirst Elite Instructor (SFB, SFL, SFG 1 & 11)
-Flexible Steel Level 1 Instructor
-Bootcamp Instructor
-TRX Instructor
-FIE Fencing Master

Perfect practice makes perfect.

Some external motivation in the form of personal trainers and coaches with proven expertise, help us train at our best.

I am both professional and well qualified to help you reach your fitness goals. Champion Fitness takes pride in catering to the unfit/fit clientele and meeting their every need as far as fitness goes.

Our Pricing

One-on-One Training

R410 per hour
  • One Person
  • We travel to you
  • Johannesburg or Centurion Area

Partner Training

R530 per hour
  • Two People
  • We travel to you
  • Johannesburg or Centurion Area

Group Training

R650 per hour
  • Three People
  • We travel to you
  • Johannesburg or Centurion Area

Please note that all these costs are subject to distance and time taken to travel to each client. If the client is "out of the way" extra costs can be charged to make up for fuel and time spent on the road. Please feel free to contact us for training plans and other options at championfitness@outlook.com